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Our Projects

Higher education

Strategic Positioning

An Australian university

This young university has achieved significant national and international success. The University Executive aimed to ensure that the strategic positioning of the institution was as clear and powerful as possible so that the University could build on its success in the context of an increasingly complex and competitive operating environment.

Assisting the development of education and accreditation standards

A professional association

We provided advice, mediation and project support to facilitate stakeholder consensus on education and accreditation standards aligned with contemporary practice in the profession. We worked with the association and stakeholders to negotiate an agreed path forward and to manage the development and implementation of the updated standards.

Student Income Support

Universities Australia

An investigation and assessment of the availability of income support for domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying in Australian universities, and the outcomes of the project will inform the peak body in developing policy positions on student income support.

Regional growth strategy

A major regional university

A report on the clarification, refinement and implementation of a preferred growth strategy for the University’s presence in a regional area. This is an update to the development of a regional growth strategy we had previously prepared for the University.

Review of financial performance of an ICT Services Portfolio

A Go8 University

A review of the financial performance of an ICT services portfolio at a Go8 university. 

Review of the effectiveness of Admissions

An Australian university

A review of the effectiveness of the university’s admissions function and how it compared with sector best practice, with a particular focus on international and online student admissions. 

Review of the Business Improvement Program and the Operating Model

A Go8 University

A review of the Business Improvement Program and Operating Model.

Evaluation of the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program

Office for Learning and Teaching

An evaluation of the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program. PhillipsKPA worked collaboratively with the Office for Learning and Teaching and the ETMST project teams to design and conduct project specific evaluations.

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice Chancellor

A Go8 University

This project is one of several strategic analyses we have performed for incoming Vice-Chancellors.

We undertook a strategic analysis across the major academic and administrative activities of the University to provide an external assessment of the University’s positioning and performance for the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

Evaluation of an education academy 2016-2017

A Go8 University

An independent evaluation of an education academy aimed at stimulating and rewarding scholarship for teaching and learning. Conducted in the start-up phase (2016 and 2017) the evaluation provided the academy with an independent and systematic annual assessment of its overall performance as well as specific programs and activities.