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Review of the Business Improvement Program and the Operating Model

A Go8 University

The Business Improvement Program (BIP) at the University was initiated in 2013 and the new Operating Model was implemented in 2015. Our review, undertaken in late 2017 and early 2018, involved significant consultation and analysis and reported on the effectiveness of the Operating Model – which saw the creation of a Shared Services Group for the first time at the University - and reviewed progress against the original objectives of the Business Improvement Program. This report was provided to the University Executive and also identified areas for improvement or refinement.

The key issues addressed by the review included:

  • the extent to which the new operating model has promoted efficient and effective resource allocation
  • the impact of the Business Improvement Program on faculty operations
  • the level of savings, including operational and procurement savings, and the extent of re-investment of the savings
  • the level of service improvement and satisfaction achieved by the new operating model, especially in relation to student services and support identification of any areas of impediment and/or room for improvement going forward, particularly at the interfaces of the different elements of the model.