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Our Projects

Strategic Positioning

An Australian university

This young university has achieved significant national and international success. The University Executive aimed to ensure that the strategic positioning of the institution was as clear and powerful as possible so that the University could build on its success in the context of an increasingly complex and competitive operating environment.

Our approach to this task was to build an evidence base through analysis of data from a wide range of sources combined with extensive consultation both within the University and with key external stakeholders. We:

  • considered the potential of the University as a key institution within its region
  • clearly described the external operating environment and higher education and enrolment patterns and trends
  • considered the University’s place in serving its city, region, the nation and the world and the level of integration with its regional community
  • identified comparative advantages and further opportunities and impediments to realising these opportunities
  • made recommendations for realising the University’s full potential and proposed an action plan.