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Our Projects

Higher education

Investigating an income contingent loan scheme for students required to relocate to undertake practicums

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Provision of advice regarding the feasibility and merit of an income contingent loan scheme targeted at students who are required to move away from home to undertake formal clinical placements or other formal practicum periods as part of their course. This project was a result of a recommendation made by the Professor Lee Dow Review of Student Income Support Reforms (2011).

Council induction training

A regional university in Queensland

Induction training for new Council members to familiarise them with governance in a university context.

Best practice student service delivery

A Go8 University

Providing the University with best practice examples to inform an optimal model of student service delivery.

Review of governance

A Go8 University

Review of the governance structure of the University's student union.

Mapping demand for clinical placements

Health Workforce Australia

A mapping exercise of clinical placements conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers to assist Health Workforce Australia with undertaking a clinical training mapping study and to review options for the delineation of regional networks.

Student services review

A Go8 University

Review of central student services to assess the extent to which the University priorities of seamless delivery and holistic student advising are being achieved.

Development of a successful funding proposal

A regional university in Queensland

Assistance with a successful Structural Adjustment Fund submission for the University.

International development strategy

A large dual sector Victorian University

Assessment of issues for off-shore teaching activity in relation to an international development strategy for the University.

Review of the student experience

A Go8 University

A review of the student experience, focusing on the co-curricular experience.

Unified tertiary sector project

The two peak representative bodies for TAFEs & Universities

Exploration of what a unified tertiary sector in Australia might look like if higher education and vocational education were combined.