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Our Projects

Latest Projects

Widening participation by low socio-economic status, indigenous and students with a disability

A Go8 university

The project analysed and evaluated current activities and plans for widening participation of equity groups, and provided recommendations about future models for widening participation.

Evaluation of initiatives aimed at maximising learning of students with disabilities

A state government department of education

An evaluation of three pilot projects aimed at maximising the learning of all students with disabilities in state government schools. These interrelated pilot projects aimed at improving opportunities for students with disabilities in Victorian government schools by building capability within schools; sharing expertise between schools; and promoting inclusive culture at a whole school level. The evaluation assessed the initiatives for appropriateness (fitness for purpose); efficiency (processes); and effectiveness (achieving the expected impact).

Review of budgeting, forecasting and reporting

A Victorian TAFE

We reviewed the TAFE’s budget and forecasting processes, its reporting to management, Finance Committee and Board, and capabilities in relation to staff and systems. Our recommendations provided the Institute with some of the tools and processes it needed to support the senior executive to address the Institute’s challenges in a tough financial environment.

Strategic Positioning

An Australian university

This young university has achieved significant national and international success. The University Executive aimed to ensure that the strategic positioning of the institution was as clear and powerful as possible so that the University could build on its success in the context of an increasingly complex and competitive operating environment.

Assisting the development of education and accreditation standards

A professional association

We provided advice, mediation and project support to facilitate stakeholder consensus on education and accreditation standards aligned with contemporary practice in the profession. We worked with the association and stakeholders to negotiate an agreed path forward and to manage the development and implementation of the updated standards.

Student Income Support

Universities Australia

An investigation and assessment of the availability of income support for domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students studying in Australian universities, and the outcomes of the project will inform the peak body in developing policy positions on student income support.

Regional growth strategy

A major regional university

A report on the clarification, refinement and implementation of a preferred growth strategy for the University’s presence in a regional area. This is an update to the development of a regional growth strategy we had previously prepared for the University.

Evaluation of an engagement and learning support program

A state government department of education

An evaluation of an engagement and learning support program aimed at supporting disengaged high needs learners into education/training through the provision of wrap around services, through a case management approach which facilitates access to relevant supports such as mental health services, literacy and numeracy support and financial/living support.

Contextual Research for the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Review

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Contextual research for the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) review, related to international qualifications frameworks and domestic use of the AQF. The findings of the contextual research and the stakeholder feedback obtained through it has informed development of terms of reference for the 2018 Review of the AQF.

Delivery of National Apprenticeship Forums 2017‑18

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

We hosted a series of five forums for the Department of Education and Training during 2017-18 to assist with policy development to ensure apprenticeships are able to meet the future skill needs of Australian industry. The scope of the forums includes apprenticeships in trade and non-trade occupations.