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Our Projects

Latest Projects

Developing the case for expansion of an allied health program

An allied health professional association

We developed a report which summarised the case for presentation to universities that might consider expanding their allied health or health sciences programs to include this allied health program. 

Update of policies and procedures pre-reregistration

A metropolitan TAFE

We assisted with review and update of policies and procedures as part of the TAFE’s preparation for upcoming TEQSA and ASQA registration renewals. 

Review of people and culture

A regional TAFE

We conducted an external independent review of the organisation’s ways of working and its culture, on behalf of the Board.

Review of Practice Standards

An allied health professional association

We reviewed, revised and updated the association’s Practice Standards, leading the review process to deliver a set of standards clearly aligned with the association’s code of ethics and other key documents. 

Evaluation of the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

We evaluated the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of the activities and performance of the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE). 

Health Check Review

Universities Australia

We undertook a health check of UA and reviewed UA operations, examining whether UA’s broad positioning was fit for purpose in an increasingly complex operating environment.

Review of a science education program


A review of one of CSIRO’s education programs aimed at promoting STEM and enthusing students about STEM. 

Advice and assistance with strategic and regulatory options for higher education delivery

A high profile medical research institute

The Institute was looking to make a significant investment to secure its long-term sustainability. In particular it was exploring options to develop an ongoing pipeline of medical researchers through education consonant with the proposed strategic growth in its research and teaching activities.

To support this more agile and innovative approach to recruiting and developing the next generation of medical researchers the Institute was exploring options such as becoming a distinctive provider of research-focused tertiary education. We provided advice to the Institute regarding its business case, the regulatory requirements, and strategic options.


Expanding research cooperation between regional Australia & Southeast Asia

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

For this project, six teams from four Australian regional universities were awarded grants by the Department to develop collaborative research activities with colleagues in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic required significant changes in focus and approach to establishing and sustaining meaningful research partnerships.

Research support for disability employment policy development

A Commonwealth government department

The department was developing a national employment strategy for people with disability. The strategy aimed to encompass a range of initiatives to address the contemporary needs and pressing challenges in Australia’s disability employment system. We were contracted to:

  • provide advice on the development of the proposed employment strategy
  • provide advice on mapping of the current income support payment and employment assistance system
  • support the department in investigating and identifying effective programs operating outside of government; and how they could complement the development of a national employment strategy
  • assist with the initiation and conduct of a review of the department’s Disability Employment Services scheme
  • assist with stakeholder management
  • support internal staff to improve policy development skills and capability.