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Our Projects

Regional growth strategy

A major regional university

A report on the clarification, refinement and implementation of a preferred growth strategy for the University’s presence in a regional area. This is an update to the development of a regional growth strategy we had previously prepared for the University.
Our report:
  • Assisted the University in creating a framework for the development of teaching, research and other activities in a regional area, taking into account developments in the operating environment and the unique characteristics of the region
  • Helped clarify and define the University’s approach across four related dimensions:
  1. Courses and modes of delivery to attract and retain students from the region 
  2. Courses and modes of delivery to attract postgraduate students, international students, and domestic students from other parts of the state and Australia
  3. Flagship areas of research, ideally integrated with aspects of teaching and the distinctive character of the campus and the region
  4. Aspect/s of the campus which give it a distinctive character, role and purpose in the broader University.
  • Identified issues for consideration in the design and build at a regional campus.