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Our Projects

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice Chancellor

A Go8 University

This project is one of several strategic analyses we have performed for incoming Vice-Chancellors.

We undertook a strategic analysis across the major academic and administrative activities of the University to provide an external assessment of the University’s positioning and performance for the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

This high level strategic analysis examined each of the following themes:

  • Education, including course profile, delivery modes, domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework student profile and demand
  • Student outcomes and quality of teaching and learning
  • Research and knowledge transfer, including research student profile and demand
  • External engagement, including with industry and government
  • Internationalisation, including international partnerships and international student profile and demand
  • Human resources and culture
  • Finances
  • Infrastructure and facilities, including IT
  • Governance and management
  • Campuses and learning sites
  • Reputation and rankings
  • Marketing and branding

The Vice-Chancellor was presented with a comprehensive report which informed strategic priorities for the University.