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Our Projects

Higher education

Mapping professional accreditation in Australian Higher Education

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

A report by PhillipsKPA on the extent and scope of professional course accreditation practices in Australian higher education.

Commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training in 2016, the report informed work being undertaken by the Higher Education Standards Panel to provide advice to the Minister for Education and Training on the impact of professional accreditation on Australian higher education and opportunities that may exist to reduce regulatory burden for higher education providers.

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice-Chancellor at a regional University

A regional University in New South Wales

A strategic analysis of the major academic and administrative activities of the University for the incoming Vice-Chancellor, to inform strategic priorities for the future growth and development of the University, with a specific focus on increasing reputation and revenue.

Assistance with Business Case

A large dual sector Victorian University

The University is developing a comprehensive master plan and supporting business cases. PhillipsKPA developed the business case for the location of health programs at a hospital which formed part of a submission to the Victorian government for funding.

University financial and capital analysis

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

This project, undertaken in 2014 and updated in 2016, was an analysis of the finances and physical infrastructure of Australia’s 37 public universities to provide advice to the Department of Education regarding each university’s current infrastructure investment and management practices as well as their capacity to develop new infrastructure assets.

The results were presented to the Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group, established to advise the Government on current practices and future options for supporting universities’ teaching and research infrastructure needs. The Working Group’s members are Philip Marcus Clark AM and Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC. The analysis prepared by PhillipsKPA has formed the basis of consultations by the Working Group with each university.

Evaluation of a program aimed at increasing participation in HE

A state government department of education

An evaluation of a government program aimed at increasing the participation of regional and rural students in higher education.


Graduate employability strategy

A Queensland university

An examination of the effectiveness of the University’s current approaches across all aspects of activity to graduate employability, with reference to good practice nationally and internationally, and the provision of findings and insights to guide the development and finalisation of the University’s Graduate Employability Strategy.

Strategic higher education context paper

A professional body

Development of a strategic context paper outlining the broader trends in higher education for consideration by the organisation as it seeks to ensure that the executive educational needs of its members continues to be met alongside evolving job demands.

Health check of eLearning Strategy Implementation

A transitions college of a Go8 university

High level assessment of the organisation’s progress implementing its eLearning Strategy and how this progress relates to best practice benchmarks.

Strategic plan and business case for a science faculty

A Go8 university

We developed a strategic plan on behalf of a science faculty for the receipt of substantial university funding and support for a science precinct.  This included analysis of student demand and competitor research.

Health Group Financial Analysis

A Queensland university

A financial analysis of the University’s Health Group. The university sought to better understand the cost structure of the Health Group and how this compares to equivalent groups at other universities with a view to understanding, for example, what a sustainable contribution margin for the Group might be. The analysis contributed to the 2017 budget development.