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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Strategy and Market Positioning

Developing the case for expansion of an allied health program

An allied health professional association

We developed a report which summarised the case for presentation to universities that might consider expanding their allied health or health sciences programs to include this allied health program. 

Health Check Review

Universities Australia

We undertook a health check of UA and reviewed UA operations, examining whether UA’s broad positioning was fit for purpose in an increasingly complex operating environment.

Expanding research cooperation between regional Australia & Southeast Asia

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

For this project, six teams from four Australian regional universities were awarded grants by the Department to develop collaborative research activities with colleagues in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic required significant changes in focus and approach to establishing and sustaining meaningful research partnerships.

Strategic planning framework

A regional university

The University sought to develop a best practice planning, monitoring and reporting framework and processes for its strategic, operational and financial plans. In addition, the University wanted to identify potential improvements to current practice, including advice on the use of tools and templates that provide a streamlined and embedded process going forward.

Widening participation by low socio-economic status, indigenous and students with a disability

A Go8 university

The project analysed and evaluated current activities and plans for widening participation of equity groups, and provided recommendations about future models for widening participation.

Strategic Positioning

An Australian university

This young university has achieved significant national and international success. The University Executive aimed to ensure that the strategic positioning of the institution was as clear and powerful as possible so that the University could build on its success in the context of an increasingly complex and competitive operating environment.

Regional growth strategy

A major regional university

A report on the clarification, refinement and implementation of a preferred growth strategy for the University’s presence in a regional area. This is an update to the development of a regional growth strategy we had previously prepared for the University.

Review of the effectiveness of Admissions

An Australian university

A review of the effectiveness of the university’s admissions function and how it compared with sector best practice, with a particular focus on international and online student admissions. 

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice Chancellor

A Go8 University

This project is one of several strategic analyses we have performed for incoming Vice-Chancellors.

We undertook a strategic analysis across the major academic and administrative activities of the University to provide an external assessment of the University’s positioning and performance for the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

Structural review

TAFE Directors Australia

A review of the structure of TDA, informed by changing governance of TAFEs in many states, and advice regarding positioning, structure and scope of a peak body for TAFE nationally, in the context of VET reform agendas