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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Performance Improvement and Change

Review of people and culture

A regional TAFE

We conducted an external independent review of the organisation’s ways of working and its culture, on behalf of the Board.

Review of budgeting, forecasting and reporting

A Victorian TAFE

We reviewed the TAFE’s budget and forecasting processes, its reporting to management, Finance Committee and Board, and capabilities in relation to staff and systems. Our recommendations provided the Institute with some of the tools and processes it needed to support the senior executive to address the Institute’s challenges in a tough financial environment.

Contextual Research for the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Review

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Contextual research for the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) review, related to international qualifications frameworks and domestic use of the AQF. The findings of the contextual research and the stakeholder feedback obtained through it has informed development of terms of reference for the 2018 Review of the AQF.

Review of financial performance of an ICT Services Portfolio

A Go8 University

A review of the financial performance of an ICT services portfolio at a Go8 university. 

Review of the Business Improvement Program and the Operating Model

A Go8 University

A review of the Business Improvement Program and Operating Model.

Assistance with Business Cases

A Victorian TAFE

A Victorian TAFE is implementing a whole of region Strategic Asset Management Plan. This will ensure training is delivered from locations that maximise accessibility to facilities that are first rate and attractive to students. In turn, this will make it more attractive for those students to remain in the area and study locally rather than face higher costs of studying elsewhere. PhillipsKPA was commissioned by the TAFE to develop the business cases for three sites in late 2017 to underpin its whole of region strategy

Evaluation of an education academy 2016-2017

A Go8 University

An independent evaluation of an education academy aimed at stimulating and rewarding scholarship for teaching and learning. Conducted in the start-up phase (2016 and 2017) the evaluation provided the academy with an independent and systematic annual assessment of its overall performance as well as specific programs and activities.

Strengthening customer management for a Building and Property Division

A Go8 University

This project, conducted with Deloitte, involved consultations with the key academic and professional stakeholder groups with which the Buildings and Property Division engaged, and case studies of industry customer relationship models. The project developed options for a customer relationship framework and operating model for the Division to strengthen customer responsiveness and improve service delivery. 

Assistance with Business Case

A large dual sector Victorian University

The University is developing a comprehensive master plan and supporting business cases. PhillipsKPA developed the business case for the location of health programs at a hospital which formed part of a submission to the Victorian government for funding.

University financial and capital analysis

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

This project, undertaken in 2014 and updated in 2016, was an analysis of the finances and physical infrastructure of Australia’s 37 public universities to provide advice to the Department of Education regarding each university’s current infrastructure investment and management practices as well as their capacity to develop new infrastructure assets.

The results were presented to the Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group, established to advise the Government on current practices and future options for supporting universities’ teaching and research infrastructure needs. The Working Group’s members are Philip Marcus Clark AM and Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC. The analysis prepared by PhillipsKPA has formed the basis of consultations by the Working Group with each university.