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Our Projects

University financial and capital analysis

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

This project, undertaken in 2014 and updated in 2016, was an analysis of the finances and physical infrastructure of Australia’s 37 public universities to provide advice to the Department of Education regarding each university’s current infrastructure investment and management practices as well as their capacity to develop new infrastructure assets.

The results were presented to the Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group, established to advise the Government on current practices and future options for supporting universities’ teaching and research infrastructure needs. The Working Group’s members are Philip Marcus Clark AM and Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley AC. The analysis prepared by PhillipsKPA has formed the basis of consultations by the Working Group with each university.

Our report provided:

  • An overview of the scale of infrastructure in Australia’s universities
  • Analysis of the state of infrastructure in each university
  • An overview of the context for infrastructure funding and financing and of approaches to infrastructure funding and financing, including the use of capital markets
  • Analysis of the current financial capacity of Australia’s public universities to invest in infrastructure
  • Other approaches to infrastructure funding and access