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Our Projects


Program evaluation of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan (2012-2014)

A state government department of education

An evaluation undertaken in association with ACIL Allen Consulting. Our role was to undertake consultations and longitudinal case studies to evaluate the impact of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action plan across all Australian States and Territories. The methodology included 32 case studies in schools each year over 2012-2014 to provide the opportunity to elaborate in detail on 'what works' in 'what contexts' as well as identifying barriers and other issues which may impact on the efficacy of the Action Plan.

Review of state government schools

A state government department of education

We are members of the panel established by the government to undertake two types of school review (peer and priority reviews) and to provide school-based intervention services for government schools in the state. In undertaking these reviews we conduct an in-depth examination of a school's performance by analysing the school's self-evaluation and other relevant data, and, where required, conduct intensive field work in the school, liaising with regional and central Department staff as required.

Program outcome and viability review (Trade Training Centres in Schools)

State government education department

A comprehensive review of outcomes and viability risks associated with the Trade Training Centres (TTC) in Schools Program. In the state, TTCs represent a one-off, $240 million capital investment by the Commonwealth Government in support of school-based vocational education and training. Our report considered and delivered key findings in the areas of student impact, collaboration and operations.

Evaluation of the More Support for Students with Disabilities (MSSD) Initiative (2012-2015)

Commonwealth Department of Education

The Australian Government provided $300 million, over three years, of additional funding to government and non-government education authorities under the More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative. Under a National Partnership Agreement, education authorities had selected activities that would best support students, teachers and schools in their jurisdiction. PhillipsKPA was commissioned to evaluate the MSSD initiative from the implementation stage in 2012 to the final phase of reporting in 2015. The evaluation included consultations with all eight government education authorities and 16 non-government education authorities in every state and territory, mapping of outputs from each jurisdiction, extensive data gathering through fieldwork, 15 annual information seminars in each capital city and selected regional areas, and more than 40 case study examples of good practice. The evaluation concluded with a national launch of the final report in June 2015 in Canberra.

Review of non-government schools for compliance with the minimum standards for registration

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)

Review of non-government schools for compliance with the minimum standards for registration, in accordance with the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic). The minimum standards cover all aspects of the operations of a school including governance, enrolment, assessment, the curriculum, teacher registration and development, reporting of student performance, school facilities and student welfare policies. Over the period 2011-14 we conducted school reviews for the VRQA.

Guiding principles for school-business relationships

Commonwealth Department of Education

Development of a set of seven guiding principles and support materials to promote, encourage and support school-business relationships.

Resource allocation model - schools

A state government department of education

Development of a Resource Allocation model for state schools, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, as key component of reforms which to enable state public schools to make local decisions on the use of resources to improve outcomes for students.

Business/school connections roundtable

Commonwealth Department of Education

Advice to support the work of the Business-School Connections Roundtable with the preparation, delivery, analysis and reporting of six consultation workshops for interested stakeholders and open to the public, hosted by the Roundtable in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Interim evaluation of an indigenous education initiative

A state government department of education

An interim evaluation of the initiative for the purpose of determining the extent to which the initiative has become established, the effectiveness of the implementation arrangements and to gather data to determine whether the initiative has had any impact to date.

Development of case studies for the Business-School Connections Roundtable

Commonwealth Department of Education

Case studies developed to support the work of the Business-School Connections Roundtable. The case studies were to be used initially as illustrative material for the final report of the Roundtable to the Minister for Education and as templates for the development of a guidelines and resources.