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Our Projects

Program evaluation of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan (2012-2014)

A state government department of education

An evaluation undertaken in association with ACIL Allen Consulting. Our role was to undertake consultations and longitudinal case studies to evaluate the impact of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action plan across all Australian States and Territories. The methodology included 32 case studies in schools each year over 2012-2014 to provide the opportunity to elaborate in detail on 'what works' in 'what contexts' as well as identifying barriers and other issues which may impact on the efficacy of the Action Plan.

We undertook the cases studies across Australia in a variety of contexts, including remote Indigenous communities and in low socio-economic areas. During the final round of case studies, we adopted a cluster approach to visiting a set of schools within Far North Queensland to outline in more detail the nature of mobility issues, especially as it affects Indigenous students, and the shared responses adopted by a number of sites in addressing these concerns. The study also sought to address mobility of the school workforce and how this impacts on Indigenous education.