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Our Projects

Evaluation of the More Support for Students with Disabilities (MSSD) Initiative (2012-2015)

Commonwealth Department of Education

The Australian Government provided $300 million, over three years, of additional funding to government and non-government education authorities under the More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative. Under a National Partnership Agreement, education authorities had selected activities that would best support students, teachers and schools in their jurisdiction. PhillipsKPA was commissioned to evaluate the MSSD initiative from the implementation stage in 2012 to the final phase of reporting in 2015.

The evaluation included consultations with all eight government education authorities and 16 non-government education authorities in every state and territory, mapping of outputs from each jurisdiction, extensive data gathering through fieldwork, 15 annual information seminars in each capital city and selected regional areas, and more than 40 case study examples of good practice.

The evaluation concluded with a national launch of the final report in June 2015 in Canberra. The final report is available here.