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Our Projects


Mapping demand for clinical placements

Health Workforce Australia

A mapping exercise of clinical placements conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers to assist Health Workforce Australia with undertaking a clinical training mapping study and to review options for the delineation of regional networks.

Development of a successful funding proposal

A Queensland TAFE

Assistance provided to TAFE in Queensland with their Education Investment Fund (EIF) regional round application. 

Strategic business review

A private VET provider

A strategic review of a private vocational education and training provider covering all aspects of its operations, culminating in a set of options and recommendations to inform the institution's leadership on the organisation's future.

VET policy landscape assessment

A private VET provider

Strategic analysis of the national VET policy landscape in Australia, particularly with regard to traineeships, and the broad directions that government funding may take.

Innovative tertiary pathway models

A state VET training agency

Investigation of the development of innovative tertiary pathway models to support greater levels of tertiary participation, particularly from lower socio-economic groups.

Evaluation of Technical Education Centres

Four VET providers in Victoria

Evaluation and review of four Technical Education Centres.

Unified tertiary sector project

The two peak representative bodies for TAFEs & Universities

Exploration of what a unified tertiary sector in Australia might look like if higher education and vocational education were combined.

Evaluation of Skills Stores

A commonwealth government department

Evaluation of the effectiveness and capabilities of thirteen Skills Stores in a state. Included evaluation of the extent to which the Skills Stores initiative had met Government objectives; identification of the critical factors for successful Skills Stores; and assessment of the potential role for Skills Stores to drive the uptake of government-subsidised training places in a demand driven training system.

Articulation within VET and between VET and higher education

Two state government departments

Investigation of the ongoing challenge for government to ensure effective means for VET students to meet their education and training needs through progress from VET qualification to VET qualification and, where desired, into higher education qualifications with appropriate credit.

Review of equity programs in Melbourne's outer north west

A number of Victorian universities

Review of higher education and TAFE equity programs in Melbourne's outer north west and their effectiveness. This project was conducted on behalf of the four Victorian universities.