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Our Projects


Review Framework for the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults

A state government department of development

The National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults (the Strategy) commits all Australian governments to action and provides a framework for existing policies, programs and initiatives to lift the foundation skills of adult Australians over the next decade.  We developed a review framework including a set of key performance indicators to allow all Governments to measure progress biennially toward achieving The Strategy 2022 target.

Evaluation of the Foundation Skills Workforce Development Project

A state government department of development

Evaluation of the effectiveness, appropriateness and outcomes of the Foundation Skills Workforce Development Project, a Commonwealth Government funded initiative focusing on priority area four of the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults which was in operation for twelve months over 2013 and 2014.

Program outcome and viability review (Trade Training Centres in Schools)

State government education department

A comprehensive review of outcomes and viability risks associated with the Trade Training Centres (TTC) in Schools Program. In the state, TTCs represent a one-off, $240 million capital investment by the Commonwealth Government in support of school-based vocational education and training. Our report considered and delivered key findings in the areas of student impact, collaboration and operations.

Evaluation of an Adult and Community Education (ACE) Program

A state government department of development

A 2014 evaluation of the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency of the Adult and Community Education (ACE) Program.

Financial turnaround strategy and implementation

A large dual sector Victorian University

Development of a model for financial planning and forecasting and provision of advice regarding financial strategies to cope with funding cuts and other financial exigencies. This advice included quantifying the staff savings required, assisting with the achievement of the strands of the organisational reform program, and helping to cost and prioritise strategic initiatives.

The project also involved understanding and improving student retention and aligning administration processes for efficiency gains.

Dynamic modelling and scenario development for tertiary education, with ACIL Allen Consulting

LH Martin Institute and DIICCSRTE

Provision of advice on higher education policy, and on model design and specification, to inform the development of a dynamic model and scenarios for tertiary education.

Study into educational needs of a region

A Victorian TAFE

An educational needs study of two Local Government Areas informed by demographic trends, skills shortages, national and state policy settings, and economic development within the region.

Planning for the impact of vocational education funding reforms

A large dual sector Victorian University

Assistance provided to the University with the development of its TAFE Transition Plan, for submission to the state government. The Transition Plan outlines the University's response to VET policy reform and its future plans.

Mapping demand for clinical placements

Health Workforce Australia

A mapping exercise of clinical placements conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers to assist Health Workforce Australia with undertaking a clinical training mapping study and to review options for the delineation of regional networks.

Development of a successful funding proposal

A Queensland TAFE

Assistance provided to TAFE in Queensland with their Education Investment Fund (EIF) regional round application.