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Our Projects

Evaluation of an engagement and learning support program

A state government department of education

An evaluation of an engagement and learning support program aimed at supporting disengaged high needs learners into education/training through the provision of wrap around services, through a case management approach which facilitates access to relevant supports such as mental health services, literacy and numeracy support and financial/living support.
The evaluation objectives were to:
  • provide an overarching assessment of the outcomes achieved by projects under the Program at both the individual project and collective program level
  • provide evidence that contributes to the refinement of the Program in 2017, 2018 and beyond to support high needs learners address their barriers to accessing and succeeding in the training system
  • identify elements within projects that represent the most effective and efficient use of resources that could be replicated across the system more broadly or in certain circumstances 
  • identify the critical success factors for projects and assess the efficacy of specific interventions or intervention approaches.
The evaluation involved extensive consultations with Program deliverers, and discussions with students regarding their experience and the impact of the Program on them.  The evaluation also involved extensive analysis of student data. Our final report including findings and recommendations to inform future rounds of the program.