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Our Projects

Evaluation of the National Disability Coordination Officer Program

Commonwealth Department of Education

This project was commissioned to determine whether the NDCO program was consistent with government priorities and policies and whether it addresses an identified community need. The Program located across 31 regions, aimed to improve: 

  • transitions for people with a disability between school and/or the community and higher education and/or Vocational Education and Training (VET), and then on to subsequent employment 
  • participation by people with a disability in higher education and VET, and subsequent employment
  • linkages between schools, higher education and VET providers and providers of disability programs and assistance.

The methodology included face to face and telephone consultations and included all NDCOs and their contract managers, Commonwealth Department of Education and Training personnel, and representatives of a range of stakeholder organisations including: peak education, training and employer/industry bodies, systemic education and training authorities and individual providers, employment services providers, disability advocacy bodies and community agencies.  The consultations were designed to invite stakeholders’ views on:

  • the appropriateness of the NDCO program as a model for improving pathways to employment for people with a disability
  • the effectiveness and efficiency of the program both overall as well as approaches taken by NDCOs at the local level.