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Our Projects

Review Framework for the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults

A state government department of development

The National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults (the Strategy) commits all Australian governments to action and provides a framework for existing policies, programs and initiatives to lift the foundation skills of adult Australians over the next decade.  We developed a review framework including a set of key performance indicators to allow all Governments to measure progress biennially toward achieving The Strategy 2022 target.

The Review Framework was developed with the following considerations in mind:

  • Identify short, medium and long term review considerations, data needs and data collection methodologies over the life of The Strategy (2012-2022)
  • Include support tools such as data collection templates and guidelines (processes and procedures) for use to enable data to be collected and analysed
  • Enable reporting on the activities that Australian governments are undertaking through national collaboration, jurisdictional effort and or systemic application
  • Apply a weighting system that can determine a level of contribution that each activity undertaken by Australian governments is making towards achieving the key indicators of success
  • Progressively measure the success of key indicators over the life of The Strategy
  • Progressively measure the success of governments in working towards The Strategy target and enable consideration of the level of aspiration in meeting this target, and
  • Facilitate for each review cycle the development of recommendations and planning processes to ensure the National Strategy is responsive to changing demands and priorities at national and jurisdictional levels.