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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Financial diagnostics, resourcing models & strategic planning

Strategic analysis for an incoming Vice-Chancellor

A Victorian University

Strategic analysis of the University commissioned by the new Vice-Chancellor covering most of the major academic and administrative activities of the University.

Review of the finance division structure

A Victorian University

Review of the structure of the finance division at the University.

Best practice student service delivery

A Go8 University

Providing the University with best practice examples to inform an optimal model of student service delivery.

Review of governance

A Go8 University

Review of the governance structure of the University's student union.

Due diligence

A large dual sector Victorian University

A due diligence stock-take across the major academic and administrative activities of the University commissioned by the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

Submission to the base funding review

Australian Council of Deans of Education

A costing exercise to compare the costs of teacher education to current funding levels and to assess any inequity in funding relative to clinical psychology.

Financial sustainability of offshore programs

A large dual sector University

Assessment of the profit margins for selected higher education, TAFE, and English Language programs and development of recommended target margins for programs taught offshore.

University funding methodology

An international university grants commitee

Review of funding methodology through an analysis of international funding systems.

Financial management strategy

A Victorian University

Development of a new financial management framework and budget process, including a revised financial forecasting methodology and the implementation of a new budget model to provide greater transparency in the assignment of revenues and attribution of costs across the University.

Administrative and academic review: planning and budget diagnostic

A Victorian University

A comprehensive review which analysed planning and budget processes and accountabilities. The University's processes were benchmarked against best practice in comparable universities in the higher education sector and relevant industry practices.