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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Financial diagnostics, resourcing models & strategic planning

University controlled entity arrangements

A University in the ACT

Assisting the University to improve its understanding of the role and use of controlled entities by Australian universities - the extent of their use, purposes and other issues surrounding their use and operations.

Guiding a private education provider to successful initial registration and course accreditation with TEQSA

A private education provider

Provision of advice, direction and hands on assistance, including management of Academic Board and review and revision of curriculum content, for the providers successful application for registration as a higher education provider.

Development of a successful funding proposal

A regional university in Queensland

Assistance and advice to the University in developing its successful submission for $50m of Education Investment Funding (EIF).

Financial sustainability strategy for a faculty

A Go8 University

An independent analysis of the financial position of the faculty which provided an assessment of the main factors contributing to the overall financial position of the faculty and recommendations to ensure that the faculty would operate on a more sustainable financial base.

Resource allocation model - schools

A state government department of education

Development of a Resource Allocation model for state schools, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, as key component of reforms which to enable state public schools to make local decisions on the use of resources to improve outcomes for students.

Finance function review

A large multi-state university

An assessment of the past and current effectiveness and future capability of the University's Finance Directorate.

Strategic analysis for an incoming Vice-Chancellor

A Victorian University

Strategic analysis of the University commissioned by the new Vice-Chancellor covering most of the major academic and administrative activities of the University.

Review of the finance division structure

A Victorian University

Review of the structure of the finance division at the University.

Best practice student service delivery

A Go8 University

Providing the University with best practice examples to inform an optimal model of student service delivery.

Review of governance

A Go8 University

Review of the governance structure of the University's student union.