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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Strategic planning & institutional positioning

A national university for regional Australia

Commonwealth Department of Education

Following a recommendation of the 2008 Bradley Review of Higher Education in Australia, in 2009 the Commonwealth Government granted funding to Southern Cross University and Charles Sturt University to conduct a feasibility study for a national regional university. PhillipsKPA conducted a needs analysis as the first part of the feasibility study.

Strategic review of a Nutrition and Dietetics Unit

A Go8 University in Victoria

External review of the Nutrition & Dietetics Unit within a Faculty and development of a new organisational model to facilitate the Unit's research and academic directions and goals.

Articulation within VET and between VET and higher education

Two state government departments

Investigation of the ongoing challenge for government to ensure effective means for VET students to meet their education and training needs through progress from VET qualification to VET qualification and, where desired, into higher education qualifications with appropriate credit.

Review of equity programs in Melbourne's outer north west

A number of Victorian universities

Review of higher education and TAFE equity programs in Melbourne's outer north west and their effectiveness. This project was conducted on behalf of the four Victorian universities.

Review of student cards

A Go8 University

Review of the use and functionality of student/University ID cards within the University and across the sector.

Administration and service improvement

A Victorian University

Assisting the University in reform and the change management process to improve the operation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of academic, administrative and service processes.

Marketing challenges for tertiary education providers

New Zealand Ministry of Education

Assessment of current marketing challenges for New Zealand institutions.

Strategic review of sport

A Go8 University in Victoria

A strategic review of the place of sport at the University to ensure that the University was well placed to take full advantage of a range of opportunities.

Exploration of University collaboration opportunities

Two Go8 Universities

Provision of professional advice to two Universities in relation to possible collaborative initiatives between the engineering faculties.

Career services in tertiary education institutions

Commonwealth Department of Education

A review of career development services provided by Australian tertiary education providers. The review assessed the impact of the recommendations of previous reviews, particularly the extent to which career development services are considered part of the core business of higher education and vocational education and training providers.