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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Strategic planning & institutional positioning

Regional growth strategy

A major regional university

A report on the clarification, refinement and implementation of a preferred growth strategy for the University’s presence in a regional area. This is an update to the development of a regional growth strategy we prepared for the University in 2013.


Strategic analysis for incoming Vice Chancellor

A Go8 University

A strategic analysis of the University’s major academic and administrative areas conducted for the incoming Vice-Chancellor to inform strategic priorities for the future development of the University.

Strategy for a regional campus

A major regional University

Strategic advice to a major regional University focussing on key challenges and priorities to support a successful regional campus.

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice-Chancellor at a regional University

A regional University in New South Wales

A strategic analysis of the major academic and administrative activities of the University for the incoming Vice-Chancellor, to inform strategic priorities for the future growth and development of the University, with a specific focus on increasing reputation and revenue.

Graduate employability strategy

A Queensland university

An examination of the effectiveness of the University’s current approaches across all aspects of activity to graduate employability, with reference to good practice nationally and internationally, and the provision of findings and insights to guide the development and finalisation of the University’s Graduate Employability Strategy.

Strategic plan and business case for an engineering faculty

A Go8 University

We developed a compelling business case on behalf of an Engineering and IT faculty of a Go8 university for the receipt of substantial university funding and support. The business case incorporated strong strategic planning elements spanning the multi-faceted operations of modern university faculties.

A market and competitor analysis for an international pathways provider

An International Pathways Provider owned by a Go8 University

A market scan and analysis of the domestic and overseas international ‘transitions’ provider market including scale and the product and qualification mix of providers. This information was used as the basis for analysis and advice to inform strategic planning for our client.

Strategic advice regarding a new student system and service model

A Go8 University

The University was exploring options to replace its current student system and service approach. We provided strategic advice to assist the University with determining the business requirement in regard to a new student system and service vision.

Review of program approvals process

A Queensland university

The University was undergoing a strategic re-positioning including large-scale re-conceptualisation of the University’s academic profile.

Before embarking on these major changes, this rigorous review of program approval processes was undertaken in order to ensure they the processes were efficient, flexible and fit for purpose in an increasingly competitive and uncertain operating environment.


eLearning strategy

A transitions college of a Go8 university

Development of the College’s eLearning strategy to offer high quality and innovative blended learning to its diverse and largely international student cohort. To inform the strategy we conducted a ‘diagnostic review’ of the current state of eLearning at the College through the use of ‘good practice’ benchmarks.