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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Policy & program research & analysis

Guiding principles for school-business relationships

Commonwealth Department of Education

Development of a set of seven guiding principles and support materials to promote, encourage and support school-business relationships.

Investigating an income contingent loan scheme for students required to relocate to undertake practicums

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Provision of advice regarding the feasibility and merit of an income contingent loan scheme targeted at students who are required to move away from home to undertake formal clinical placements or other formal practicum periods as part of their course. This project was a result of a recommendation made by the Professor Lee Dow Review of Student Income Support Reforms (2011).

Business/school connections roundtable

Commonwealth Department of Education

Advice to support the work of the Business-School Connections Roundtable with the preparation, delivery, analysis and reporting of six consultation workshops for interested stakeholders and open to the public, hosted by the Roundtable in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Mapping demand for clinical placements

Health Workforce Australia

A mapping exercise of clinical placements conducted in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers to assist Health Workforce Australia with undertaking a clinical training mapping study and to review options for the delineation of regional networks.

Development of case studies for the Business-School Connections Roundtable

Commonwealth Department of Education

Case studies developed to support the work of the Business-School Connections Roundtable. The case studies were to be used initially as illustrative material for the final report of the Roundtable to the Minister for Education and as templates for the development of a guidelines and resources.

Review of the first assessment period of the English Online Interview

A state government department of education

Review of the timing and processes associated with the initial assessment period of the English Online Interview, an online tool for assessing the English skills of students in years Prep to 2.

Evaluation of Skills Stores

A commonwealth government department

Evaluation of the effectiveness and capabilities of thirteen Skills Stores in a state. Included evaluation of the extent to which the Skills Stores initiative had met Government objectives; identification of the critical factors for successful Skills Stores; and assessment of the potential role for Skills Stores to drive the uptake of government-subsidised training places in a demand driven training system.

School business relationships

Commonwealth Department of Education

Scoping study to examine the nature and extent of school business relationships across Australia to provide the Department with baseline evidence about the extent and nature of such relationships.

Evaluation of literacy and numeracy student intervention programs

A state government department of education

Evaluation of the effectiveness of school programs in state government schools, which are additional to differentiated classroom teaching to provide literacy and numeracy intervention for students at risk of underachieving.

Evaluation of a targeted tutoring system aimed at improving literacy

Commonwealth Department of Education

Evaluation of the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency of the initiative outcomes for at-risk students in meeting its stated objectives, particularly in relation to improving the learning outcomes for Indigenous students living in rural and remote communities in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Queensland.