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Our Projects

Examples of recent projects:
Policy & program research & analysis

Supplying Australia's Degree-Qualified Workforce (with ACER)

Department of Education and Training

A report on the supply of domestic and migrant labour to skilled occupations and the ability of the demand driven system to meet the skills needs of employers in the Australian labour market.

Policy discussion paper – VET FEE HELP

A university’s online provider

Assistance with the drafting of a discussion paper regarding VET FEE HELP, submitted to the state government Minister for Training.


Engaging employers in Work Integrated Learning: Current State and Future Priorities

Department of Industry

A research project exploring employer views on Work Integrated Learning (WIL), specifically, concerning the barriers limiting participation in WIL and the enablers that assist organisations to engage university students. A summary our findings, and the full report, are available at:

Evaluation of the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program

Office for Learning and Teaching

The Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) has commissioned PhillipsKPA, in collaboration with The University of the Sunshine Coast, to evaluate and support the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program. The Program, funded for $18.9m over 2013-2017, involves 27 universities working in five project teams. This is a key part of the Australian Government's $54m initiative Investing in Science and Maths for a Smarter Future, a response to the 2012 report by Professor Ian Chubb AC, Chief Scientist for Australia: Mathematics, Engineering and Science: In the National Interest.

Advice regarding eligibility for Australian government research funding

A UK university with international campuses

A UK university wished to pursue eligibility for funding for research and research training (research postgraduate students) through Australian Government programs. We developed a compelling detailed Policy Paper to make the case for the change sought by the University.

Study into educational needs of a region

A Victorian TAFE

An educational needs study of two Local Government Areas informed by demographic trends, skills shortages, national and state policy settings, and economic development within the region.

Higher Education Base Funding Review

Commonwealth Department of Education

Advice to the Higher Education Base Funding Review Panel

Guiding principles for school-business relationships

Commonwealth Department of Education

Development of a set of seven guiding principles and support materials to promote, encourage and support school-business relationships.

Investigating an income contingent loan scheme for students required to relocate to undertake practicums

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Provision of advice regarding the feasibility and merit of an income contingent loan scheme targeted at students who are required to move away from home to undertake formal clinical placements or other formal practicum periods as part of their course. This project was a result of a recommendation made by the Professor Lee Dow Review of Student Income Support Reforms (2011).

Business/school connections roundtable

Commonwealth Department of Education

Advice to support the work of the Business-School Connections Roundtable with the preparation, delivery, analysis and reporting of six consultation workshops for interested stakeholders and open to the public, hosted by the Roundtable in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.