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Our Projects

Program outcome and viability review (Trade Training Centres in Schools)

State government education department

A comprehensive review of outcomes and viability risks associated with the Trade Training Centres (TTC) in Schools Program. In the state, TTCs represent a one-off, $240 million capital investment by the Commonwealth Government in support of school-based vocational education and training. Our report considered and delivered key findings in the areas of student impact, collaboration and operations.
The review was informed by detailed and rigorous methodology that included data analysis of enrolments, completions and outcomes; employer consultations; an electronic survey of all TTC schools who received funding in Rounds 1 - 4; six comprehensive case study visits; detailed financial and budget analysis; and TTC forums in each region.

Our final report included a literature review, and findings in the areas of:

  • impact and student outcomes
  • quality, benefits and future opportunities
  • collaboration
  • finance
  • governance
  • risks.