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Our Projects


Development of a successful funding proposal

A large state education system

Provision of advice regarding the development of applications for schools program funding.

Review of physical education & sport in schools

A state government department of education

A review of physical and sport education in state government primary schools, with a focus on identifying the features of effective practice and evaluating the effectiveness of current professional development strategies.

Development of a conceptual framework and delivery module for language studies

Commonwealth Department of Education

Provision of a conceptual framework and draft delivery model for a National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program. The program was established to provide Australian students with opportunities to develop skills in Asian languages and cultures within Australian secondary schools.

Review of role of education agents

A state government department of education

Review of the role of education agents and study tour operators as they relate to the implementation of the International Student Program and study tours for students attending government schools in the state.

Evaluation of an initiative aimed at improving educational outcomes for indigenous students

Commonwealth Department of Education

Evaluation of the appropriateness and efficiency of the initiative including the extent to which the initiative has been successful in effecting sustained, systemic change in schools through the engagement of school principals across Australia to commit to improving educational outcomes for Indigenous students.

Provision of Indigenous language programs in schools

Commonwealth Department of Education

Research project in collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research to investigate the provision of Indigenous language programs in Australian schools. This project included an examination of staffing, training, and teacher preparation initiatives and issues.

Evaluation of ESL provision

A state government department of education

Evaluation of English as a Second Language (ESL) program delivery for new arrival students and post new arrival students in schools in the state.