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Our Projects

Review of a $30m education endowment fund

An Aboriginal Land Council

A review of progress to date of the Education Endowment Fund (EEF), a scholarship fund to Aboriginal people in an eastern state, with a major focus on future options for the EEF within the context of the Commonwealth and state educational funding and policy environments.
The review provided an evidence base for assessing the performance and impact of the EEF throughout its five-year history by examining the underlying governance arrangements, policies, financial systems and operational procedures of the EEF, in order to provide policy advice about the operation of the fund in the future.

The broad intent of the EEF at the time it was established the program was to provide financial support for Aboriginal students undertaking academic studies.  Our review:

  • identified options and made recommendations on future directions, management and the revenue-funding base of the EEF to ensure the EEF was not duplicating the services and funding provision of government in the context of the EEF as a Community Benefit Scheme in accordance with the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA) and
  • assessed the performance and impact of the EEF to date and recommended changes to strengthen its performance in future years.  This assessment included consideration of policy, design, management and implementation issues, and any contract variations necessary to give effect to recommended changes.