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Our Projects

Strategic analysis for an incoming Vice-Chancellor

A Victorian University

Strategic analysis of the University commissioned  by the new Vice-Chancellor covering most of the major academic and administrative activities of the University.

This project, undertaken with Nous Group, was a broad strategic analysis of the University identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat, in relation to the following ten key themes:

  • student demand, courses and pathways
  • student outcomes and quality of teaching and learning
  • research and knowledge transfer
  • engagement
  • internationalisation including international education and research partnerships
  • human resources and workforce planning
  • finances
  • planning, budget and quality framework
  • capital and campus planning
  • reputation and rankings

After extensive internal and external consultation and review of materials, we delivered a report to the Vice-Chancellor which provided advice in each of the 10 key themes regarding:

  • areas of strength that could be further built upon
  • areas of weakness that need serious attention
  • strategic opportunities that could be seriously considered
  • serious threats that need to be addressed
  • areas of further investigation that could be undertaken.