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Our Projects

Higher education

Review of student services

A University in NSW

Review of student services at the University following the implementation of voluntary student unionism (VSU) legislation.

National higher education accreditation body

Commonwealth Department of Education

Exploration of the desirability of a national higher education accreditation body.

Universities alliance

Two NSW Universities

Exploration of options for development of an alliance between two NSW universities.

Review of administrative support

A South Australian University

Review of the provision of administrative support across the University, in particular, to provide insight to current best practice in the delivery of administrative services in other universities.

Improvement in the efficiency of administrative services

A Go8 University

Assistance in building the business case and establishing the priorities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the University's administration.

Review of higher degree by research enquiry, scholarship and application procedures

A Go8 University in Victoria

Review of higher degree by research (HDR) enquiry, scholarship and application procedures, to allow the University to establish a competitive advantage in attracting HDR students.

Review of the Higher Education Support Act 2003

Commonwealth Department of Education

Facilitation of higher education consultation forums with universities on the first phase of the review of the Higher Education Support Act 2003.

Review of teaching and learning

A Victorian University

A strategic review of teaching and learning with the objective of making an immediate and sustained impact on the learning quality of student learning outcomes. This review was done in association with a member of the UK Higher Education Academy.