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Our Projects

Development of a successful funding proposal

A Go8 University

Preparation of a strategic bid for funding from the Higher Education Endowment Fund ('HEEF') 2009 round for the proposed Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, a new, world class biomedical institute to be located in the Parkville precinct.

The assignment involved preparation of the primary Expression of Interest (EOI) bid document; ensuring appropriate consultation; optimally positioning the Institute, and hence the EOI bid, as of strategic importance to Australia and the wider region; ensuring alignment with the guidelines; co-ordinating with the appointed design agency to incorporate architectural graphic work into the EOI bid to make the vision tangible, inspiring and real; and assisting with any external consultations/negotiations.

Once the University's EOI was accepted, PhillipsKPA also assisted with the development of the Stage 2 Application. The funding bid was successful.