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School Reviews – Department of Education and Training (Vic)

PhillipsKPA offer a distinctive, independent, in-depth understanding of management, policy and strategic issues across the Victorian school system. This is combined with a close working relationship with central office personnel, regions, and extensive knowledge and experience in conducting reviews and evaluations within the school sector in Australia, at both the national and jurisdictional level. 

Implementing transformational change: How universities can remain alert to key warning signs

In 2016, PhillipsKPA Director, Dr Craig McInnis spoke as part of an expert panel at the LH Martin Institute Service Improvement and Innovation in Universities Conference in Brisbane. As an expert on university change management and policy implementation, Craig shared with the group some of the key ‘warning signs’ for university leaders to be aware of when implementing transformational change.  Craig also offered some tips for how university managers can respond to keep change implementation on track.