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Robin Pollard joins PhillipsKPA as Key Associate

PhillipsKPA welcomes Dr Robin Pollard as a new Key Associate. Robin Pollard brings international expertise and academic depth to educational and research organisations in need of support and direction to reach their strategic goals. He has direct experience and an impressive track record in strategic planning, change management and performance improvement at universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Malaysia. He has also worked in the US and Canada, and with responsibilities in South Africa, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Oman, China and Hong Kong.

Robin’s previous roles include Vice-Chancellor, Group Vice-President, Academic Vice-President, and Chief Executive in which he led major organisational change initiatives, including campus development, divestment and transfer. He is a passionate advocate of agility, lean management, and thought leadership for the future of the higher education sector.

Prior to joining PhillipsKPA in August 2018 Robin was Vice Chancellor at Lincoln University, New Zealand where he successfully turned around financial performance from a decade of deficits to surplus through a series of measures including design and implementation of a ‘fitness’ programme, effective budgeting, improvements to curricula and research initiatives, and an increase in international enrolments. 

In addition to a Master of Business Administration from Monash University and a PhD in Physics from University of Canterbury, Robin has a diverse academic background including marketing, chemistry, and information technology.