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New director joins PhillipsKPA

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Baly as a Director of PhillipsKPA. Anne is a valuable addition to our leadership team and she brings to PhillipsKPA her extensive experience in research, higher education and international policy and implementation, strategic planning and advice, and high level leadership in the public and education sectors.

Prior to joining PhillipsKPA, Anne was Director, International at Australian National University, where she provided high-level intelligence and strategic advice to the senior executive team on international engagement, strategic research relationships and international business development. She also developed an evidence-based model for market development for student recruitment and research collaboration, and an international strategy for the university.

During her extensive career in the public sector, Anne played key roles in leading, developing and implementing a number of policy reforms and change management relating to education, science, research and workplace relations. She also led the secretariat to the Review of Australian Higher Education (Bradley review) and prepared the Government’s response to the review.