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Our Projects

Strategic analysis for incoming Vice Chancellor

A Go8 University

PhillipsKPA was commissioned to undertake a strategic analysis across the major academic and administrative activities of the University to provide an external assessment of the University’s positioning and performance, as one source of advice to the incoming Vice-Chancellor.

This high level strategic analysis examined each of the following themes:

  • Education, including course profile, delivery modes, domestic undergraduate and postgraduate coursework student profile and demand
  • Student outcomes and quality of teaching and learning
  • Research and knowledge transfer, including research student profile and demand
  • External engagement, including with industry and government
  • Internationalisation, including international partnerships and international student profile and demand
  • Human resources and culture
  • Finances
  • Infrastructure and facilities, including IT
  • Governance and management
  • Campuses and learning sites
  • Reputation and rankings
  • Marketing and branding

The Vice-Chancellor was presented with a comprehensive report which will inform strategic priorities for the University.