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Our Projects

Higher education

Tertiary education advice for growth area framework planning

Growth Areas Authority

Advice on the demand and supply of tertiary education, models of provision and vocational criteria for tertiary education facilities to inform growth area framework planning.

Strategic review of a Tertiary Admissions Centre

A Tertiary Admissions Centre

A strategic review, including an analysis of potential changes to tertiary selection and admission practices in the state as the basis for advising on future directions for the centre to meet the needs of applicants and tertiary institutions.

Financial sustainability of offshore programs

A large dual sector University

Assessment of the profit margins for selected higher education, TAFE, and English Language programs and development of recommended target margins for programs taught offshore.

Good practice in regional higher education provision

Commonwealth Department of Education

Review of literature on regional higher education provision in Australia and comparable countries to identify examples of good practice, opportunities to improve provision, and past government policies.

Review of the student experience

A Go8 University

A review of the student experience, focusing on the co-curricular experience.

Unified tertiary sector project

The two peak representative bodies for TAFEs & Universities

Exploration of what a unified tertiary sector in Australia might look like if higher education and vocational education were combined.

Analysis of professional and academic staffing

A Queensland university

An analysis of the University's academic and professional staffing to determine where and why any inefficiencies existed, and to improve understanding of student to staff ratios.

Strategic review of Graduate Careers Australia

Graduate Careers Australia (GCA)

A strategic review of GCA as a business, its competitive position, and its value proposition for the future.

Guiding an institution to successfully gain Specialist University Status

A new University

Provision of data and review and suggestion of substantial amendments to both the draft and final versions of the instituitions successful application as the first provider in Australia to be granted specialist university status. 

Advice on the Australian Qualifications Framework

A Go8 University

Assistance to the University in assessing the response by the AQF Council to the University's request for the use of the nomenclature Doctor for certain professional coursework programs.