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Our Projects

Evaluation of the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program

Office for Learning and Teaching

The Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) has commissioned PhillipsKPA, in collaboration with The University of the Sunshine Coast, to evaluate and support the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers (ETMST) Program. The Program, funded for $18.9m over 2013-2017, involves 27 universities working in five project teams. This is a key part of the Australian Government's $54m initiative Investing in Science and Maths for a Smarter Future, a response to the 2012 report by Professor Ian Chubb AC, Chief Scientist for Australia: Mathematics, Engineering and Science: In the National Interest.

The ETMST Program aims to drive a major improvement in the quality of mathematics and science teachers by supporting new pre-service programs in which faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery to combine content and pedagogy. The key target groups for the evaluation are the higher education sector, pre-service mathematics and science teacher students, and employers of graduate mathematics and science teachers. Craig McInnis is the Project Director.